2022-2023 DFW CSTA Chapter Goals

The DFW CSTA Leadership Team met during Chapter Leadership Summer 2022 to establish goals for 2022-2023 and to establish some new organizational committees.  More information is below. Thank you to the chapter leadership team for their collaboration and leadership to develop some goals that will strengthen this chapter.

Goal 1: We will continue to provide opportunity to network, collaborate, and engage with each through chapter events.  We accomplished this through developing K-12 events targeting specific grade bands through ongoing professional learning through virtual, in-person, and/or hybrid events.

Goal 2: We will provide professional learning targeting at least one K-8 event and 9-12 event to better meet the needs of members.  We will gather feedback from members related to their professional learning needs specifically towards building classroom pedagogy and skills.
Goal 3: We will continue to grow our operating fund to be able to more independently offer member opportunities.  This can allow us to reduce expenses for members.  We will continue to charge a small fee for all in-person events.  We will continue to identify opportunities for grants and other sponsors for our events.