Dallas – Fort Worth Computer Science Teachers Association (DFW CSTA) represents 200 computer science teachers impacting up to 36,000 students in our region.  Many of our members are the only computer science teacher in their school and/or district. One of the missions of DFW CSTA is to provide professional development opportunities throughout the year.

Your investment helps us plan programming at no cost to our educators. We seek your support as part of an ongoing effort to operate sustainably. Our goal is to raise an annual budget of $5000 to fund ongoing professional development for our computer science teacher members.  Each teacher’s professional learning can positively impact up to 180 students in computer science classrooms.

Annual Investment Opportunities


Mini-Workshops are planned once or twice per year with a specific topic in mind.  Our most recent Mini-Workshop was a Java Cyber Security Workshop. (50  teachers impacted with content they could incorporate into their classrooms that reach an estimated 9000 students).

Collaborative Conference

Each year we plan the DFW CSTA Collaborative Conference for computer science teachers and administrators in our region.  This event allows us to offer a variety of sessions along with a keynote speaker. Our goal is to reach at least 100 teachers impacting up to 18,000 students.  

Summer Forum

The DFW CSTA Summer Forum is held each July.  The DFW CSTA Summer Forum allows teachers who are new to our content and/or teaching to learn from our veterans.  During this half-day event, our veterans bring tips and resources to help build teacher toolboxes for the upcoming year.

Where do I send donations?

All donations should be sent to DFW CSTA, 2936 Allister Street, Dallas, TX  75229.

Who can I contact with questions?

Dan Blier, DFW CSTA President

Phone: 972-333-9982

Email: Dan.blier@pisd.edu