Annual Programming Contest
WHEN: Saturday, January 23, 2021
WHERE: virtual on Hackerrank
COST:     free
SCHEDULE: contest coding will be from 10 AM - 1 PM
TESTING: Written test only (problems created by PESH CS Club officers)
EQUIPMENT:  you will be virtual – so the equipment is up to you
OTHER SUPPLIES: Since you are virtual, I cannot control this – be fair, don’t use pre-coded materials.
The advanced contest will have between 20 - 22 problems.
The novice contest will have around 17-19 problems.
There are about 5 to 6 easy problems in each contest.
Each problem is worth the same amount, 100 points.
Scoring is done by whoever has the most points. The tiebreaker is the time of the first correct submission to the last submitted problem.
TEAMS: consists of 1-3 students all from the same high school.
            Novice division and Advanced division are offered.
In general, a Novice is anyone who has not competed in a prior year as well as being currently enrolled in pre-AP or AP computer science i.e. don’t have more than AP level training.
If one or more people on the team do not fit in the Novice category, then the entire team will compete as an Advanced team.
Any high school student may be on an Advanced team.
AWARDS: Placements will be announced, but no trophies will be given (allowing for the free contest)
REGISTRATION: Please sign-up on the attached form.   I will send the hackerrank link to those that are registered two days prior to the contest as well as a zoom link for questions just prior to and during the contest.          
Contact Ann Horton with any questions.