16th Annual Seven Lakes High School
Computer Programming Kickoff Classic
Saturday October 17, 2020
Format – The problems will be Texas UIL Format.  There will be a three-hour time limit for the 18-problem packet. Each program will be worth 60 points. The total number of possible points is 1080 points. The tiebreaker will be based on the time of the first correct submission of the last correct problem.
This will be an online contest running through HackerRank and can be found on hackerrank.com under the contests tab.
Participation Requirements: You must be a high school student, enrolled in a high school for the 2020-2021 calendar school year. You must be representing the school you are currently attending.
Coaches, here is registration page for your teams. You will need the students to sign up on HackerRank and also complete the registration page. http://bit.ly/SLHSCS2020 This registration page will also appear on HackerRank.
Languages – Java 8 or higher, Python 3, Scala (that’s for you, Dr. Lewis), Kotlin, C++, C#.   
Problem Difficulty – Our packet contains 18 problems of varying difficulty. Our goal is to challenge the participants, but not to defeat them. Because this is an online contest, there could be some problems that are more difficult than previous years.
Schedule - 11:00am – 2:00pm  The Programming Contest
Cost -      Free
  1. We want to provide an opportunity for success for your students.
  2. We want to offer a packet that is clean, workable, and challenging.
  3. We want to provide a positive start to the Computer Science Contest Season.
Past Packets
Contacts -  Paul Stroud
            e-mail:     PaulMStroud@KATYISD.ORG
            Phone:      281-543-9436 (Home)
                        281-237-9539 (School)
            Fax:        281-644-1785
            Address     9251 South Fry Rd.
                        Katy, Texas 77494

Please inform us of your attendance by Oct 14th, 2020

If you know of anyone else interested in attending, please let them know.