Hi CSTA Dallas Fort Worth,
A couple of weeks ago, I sent an email regarding our Campus Ambassador Program. Now, I am excited to announce that the early registration for our main event is open! As a part of our mission to empower the student STEM/Computer Science community, we are working hard to make this event memorable and exciting, so we want to get as many CS enthusiasts as possible to take advantage of this opportunity. We hope some of your students are able to join us. Can you spread the word about our hackathon to your faculty or students?
Participants will:
  • Attend workshops to build coding, design, entrepreneurship skills
  • Access 1:1 tech mentorship from industry professionals
  • Interact with sponsors from top-tier tech companies
  • Network with 1000+ passionate students around the world
  • What is a Hackathon?
      A hackathon is an "invention marathon" for students to come
    together and use code to build an innovative project in 24 hours.
    At the end, projects are submitted to be judged, and the top
    teams will win prizes. There will also be workshops and mentors
    to guide hackers, as well as more fun events!
  • Who can attend?
      Any high school or college student who is interested in coming
    (regardless of experience) is welcome to attend.
  • To find out more, visit our site (also linked below)
Please feel free to share this and encourage students to experience and learn from Hack the Northeast!
The form can be found here: https://htne.typeform.com/to/wYaoPowa
Hack the Northeast