HPE CodeWars 2023
Saturday, March 4, 2023
Houston, TX: HPE Headquarters, 1701 East Mossy Oaks Road, Spring, TX 77389 (Contest starts at 9:00 AM CST)
Fort Collins, CO: HPE Offices, 3404 E Harmony Road, Fort Collins, CO 80528 (Contest starts at 9:00 AM MST)
Roseville, CA: HPE Offices, 8000 Foothills Boulevard, Roseville, CA 95747 (Contest starts at 9:00 AM PST)
Virtual Contest: Open to high schools in US and Canada (Contest starts at 11:00 EST/10:00 CST/9:00 MST/8:00 PST)
Registration is scheduled to close at 5:00 PM CST on Friday, February 17, 2023, but could close earlier if we hit capacity.
Teams are formed of up to 3 high school students from the same high school. Each school can send up to 3 teams per event. Students (with teachers) will need to arrive in advance of the contest to be ready when it starts. After the contest, we will draw for prizes and announce the contest winners. For the in-person contests, we will serve a light breakfast and lunch and offer soft drinks.
Click for complete contest rules.
Other important things to know:
  • Registration (and the contest) will be done through https://hpecodewars.org/.
  • Teachers and students were registered last year (where we were able to verify the email address) will still be in our system. You can click on Login/Register and put in your email address and password. If you don’t remember your password, you can click on “Forgot Password”. All accounts with unverified email addresses have been deleted.
  • For new accounts, click on Login/Register, then click Sign Up. New teacher registrations will be held until we can verify that they are legitimate.
  • You and your students must register with email addresses which can receive email messages from us. Many school email addresses for students do not allow incoming messages, so they can’t receive the message from us to verify the email address.
  • Even if you are in the system from last year, you must submit a waiver for 2023. Your students must also complete a waiver, and it must be approved by a parent/guardian if the student is under 18 years of age.
  • To be ready to compete, the following must happen:
    1. You have validated your email address and completed your registration. You must also complete a waiver.
    2. Your students must validate their email addresses and complete their registrations. They must complete waivers (with approval from parent/guardian if under 18).
    3. You must put them on a team (you can change the team makeup while the registration is still open).
    4. You must add that team to the appropriate contest.
We look forward to seeing you and your students again for our 26th annual CodeWars event!
HPE CodeWars 2023