LoisLab provides interactive computer science education for high school students and teachers for free.  We've launched the first in a new series of courses that any student or teacher can access - all you need is an internet connection, we provide the materials and the computing power.

In this session, we'll get you oriented in our first course, Introduction to Q-learning with Python, which teaches a branch of AI without relying on higher math. Students develop an algorithm that learns to traverse a maze, then to play tic-tac-toe… without changing a single line of code.  It's fun, it's challenging, and helps to pull back the veil over an area of computer science that can seem like magic - but is really just math.

We will also speak about upcoming offerings from LoisLab, as well as the resources we can offer to students, teachers, and schools who are looking to use our materials to supplement their existing learning opportunities.  Please join us!