Analysis and Investigation of Cyber-Based Scenarios (AICS) cybersecurity camp 

  • Plano ISD Computer Science Program is partnering with Louisiana Tech to host a free event called Analysis and Investigation of Cyber-Based Scenarios (AICS) mini cybersecurity camp. 

  • AICS gives students the opportunity to take the role of Department of Homeland Security agents, seeing how cybersecurity issues impact national security, cause ethical dilemmas, and impact the world we live in. Students are given real-world cyber security scenarios where they must work as a team to identify the problem, assess the data and facts, and create a solution. Teams are given a scenario of something that has happened in the world that has risen to the level of national security. They are analysts that are tasked with figuring out who did it, how, and what the US response should be. Students do not have to know any background material, and they don’t have to be focused on STEM. Actually having students that have a variety of interests is even better. 

  • When: Saturday, February 25, 9 AM – 2:30 PM (Check in – 8:30 AM)

  • Where: Plano ISD Academy High School, 1701 Alma Dr, Plano, TX 75075

  • Food Provided: Louisiana Tech will provide donuts, snacks, and lunch for all participants.

  • Who: Schools can register teams of 6-8 students (sophomore-senior). Students do not have to only be interested in cyber security – students interested in both liberal arts and STEM are all encouraged. Teachers (Liberal Arts or STEM backgrounds) are encouraged to participate with the students on their team, but do not have to. One school can have multiple teams. We actually encourage as many teams as possible so that more students are able to participate. We want this to be a friendly competition among the schools.

  • What: Learn more details about this event by reviewing this flier.

  • Team Sign Up – Teachers can register your team of students here -

  • This event is FREE. 

Reach out to Dan Blier at with any questions. 
Plano ISD Academy High School
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