DFW CSTA Chapter Committees

Professional Learning Committee - This committee will be tasked with planning and identifying ongoing professional learning opportunities to meet the needs of the DFW CSTA members.  Events this committee will be responsible for planning will be:

  • DFW CSTA Collaborative Conference
  • DFW CSTA Summer Forum
  • Other targeted professional learning events
Committee Members:
  • Philip Taylor - Chair
  • Silvia Bavarian - Officer Liaison 
  • Leonardo Painevilo - Volunteer
  • Volunteer
  • Volunteer
Digital Divas Committee - This committee will be tasked with supporting the planning of our annual Digital Divas event.  The committee will work with Digital Divas Director to make sure this event is a success.  
  • Alyssa Nabors - Digital Divas Director (Chair)
    • Digital Divas 2021 Host (Virtual)
    • HEB ISD, L.D. Bell High School 
  • Anna Wilson - Digital Divas Assistant Director
    • Digital Divas 2022 Host 
    • Irvings ISD, Irving High School
  • Robin Bailey - Officer Liaison
  • Jonathan Yee - Officer Liaison
  • Kimberly Lane Clark - Volunteer
  • Volunteer
K-8 Membership and Engagement Committee -This committee will be tasked with membership recruitment of CS teachers and related individuals who are tied to K-8 coding and computer science.  This committee will plan targeted events specifically for this audience.  
  • Volunteer - Chair
  • Javier Aguilar -  Officer Liaison
  • Leonardo Painevilo - Volunteer
  • Volunteer