Offered on Saturday, February 13, 2021

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Awards Ceremony Video

All participants are encouraged to come to the Awards Ceremony.  


We will be giving away prizes for participants who are present.  

  • Grand Prize - 1 HP Laptop


We will announce award recipients for this event during this session.  

Basic GitHub and Version Control


Presenters: Hansika Sundaresan, Sahana Belatur, Abby Thomas, Women Who Compute at University of Texas Dallas

Topics: Career Advice (Interview Prep, A Day in the Life, etc), GitHub

Session Description: This workshop is a brief intro to the world of version control with Git and GitHub. After attending, you will have a good understanding of what version control is and how and why you should use Git/GitHub

Career Opportunities in Computing


Presenter: Vamsikrishna Gopikrishna, University of Texas at Arlington

Topics: Preparing for College (Scholarships, Summer Programs, etc), College Life (Internships, Student Panels, etc.)

Session Description: A brief look at what computing is and a peek into the various careers a degree in computing will give you access to.

Coders Live!

Presenter: Ashley Trick, Capital One

Topics: Software Engineering

Session Description: Capital One is proud to host Coders Live!, a real-time demonstration of Capital One technologists coding a game in Python. No coding experience is required. 

Computational Dynamics of Being: Experience Design


Presenter: Karen Doore, University of Texas at Dallas

Topics: Computational Experience Dynamics

Session Description: Using a computer science: system-dynamics view of experience can provide understanding of the fundamental nature of experience: change, interdependency, pain/ suffering, learning, that can lead to improved possibilities for universal wellbeing. The neuroscience of wellbeing provides insights into how stress negatively impacts human cognition and techniques, practices to improve cognition, particularly in today's world of technologies of distraction.. Art theory and contemplative practice are used to allow exploration and understanding of subjective concepts, emotions, memory, cognition. These ideas are discussed in the context of branching-narrative video games, art, music, and creative coding.

Computer Science vs Software Engineering - Which degree is right for you? (And how exactly are they different?)


Presenter: Allison Sullivan, The University of Texas at Arlington

Topics: Software Engineering, Preparing for College (Scholarships, Summer Programs, etc)

Session Description: Entering college there are so many paths to choose from - even just within programming related degrees. It can be hard to tell what the difference in these majors really are and the descriptions in the course catalogs do not help that much. Personally, when I selected Software Engineering (SE) as my major, I did so because "software engineering sounded cooler than computer science." Lucky for me -- I loved SE and ended up getting my PhD in it, but my reasoning for picking SE was pretty weak. I would like to help students considering CS related majors make their selection based on a bit more ...informed.. logic than I did.

Computer Vision and Pupil Tracking for Assistive Devices


Presenter: Christopher McMurrough, UT Arlington

Topics: Computer Vision

Session Description: Workshop will cover basic computer vision for eye tracking technologies. An open-source set of eye tracking glasses and pupil tracking code will be discussed and demonstrated.

CyberSecurity: Scary Tales from 2020 and What’s Coming Next


Presenter: Charles Ross, Tanium

Topics: Computer Science 

Session Description: 2020 was an unforgettable year that shaped the world and the CyberSecurity Industry.  As a vendor in this space, we saw unprecedented threats and attacks on large organizations that we will discuss in this session.  We will also look ahead at trends we see that will impact the future of CyberSecurity.  We’ll wrap up by looking at the tremendous opportunities that lie ahead in CyberSecurity, and what you can do now as students to prepare yourselves to enter this awesome field.

Executive Engagements: Powered by Digital


Presenter: Anamika Gupta, Fujitsu Americas, Inc.

Topics: Executive Engagements in B2B Context

Session Description: With a focus on accelerating profitable revenue generation, enhancing digital reputation, and deepening client relationships - crafting a well-thought executive engagement strategy is a must in the B2B world. But the question is; what works? what would stand out in the crowd? What strategy would succeed during this pandemic, and post-pandemic? How best you can use the Digital Platform?

Future of Computer Science & Jobs!

Presenter: Dr. Jey Veerasamy, UTD CS

Topics: Preparing for College (Scholarships, Summer Programs, etc), College Life (Internships, Student Panels, etc), Career Advice (Interview Prep, A Day in the Life, etc)

Session Description: Computer Science continues to be the exciting field in the past 20-30 years, next decade looks even more promising.... I will offer my perspectives along with a few other UTDCS professors' perspectives.

Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program


Presenter: Amanda Souza, Girls Who Code

Topics: Preparing for College (Scholarships, Summer Programs, etc.)

Session Description: This 2-week virtual program teaches girls—trans and cis—and non-binary students the computer science skills they need to make an impact in their community while preparing for a career in tech. Participants will get exposure to tech jobs, meet women in tech careers, and join a supportive sisterhood of girls in tech.

Kayla McEowen

Keynote Session
Kayla graduated from Plano East in 2013. She was a member of the computer science club and competed in several programming competitions. After graduation, she went on to study computer science at The University of Texas at Dallas and landed an internship at Kalkomey Enterprises. Since then, she has graduated from UTD with a BS in computer science and is now a Senior Software Developer at Kalkomey.

Let's talk about security in the digital world and how to play an active role in it.


Presenter : Neetu Jain, USAA

Topics: Cybersecurity

Session Description: Come and explore how to keep the digital world safe and secure. Meet the avengers of the digital world by exploring various crucial roles and careers in security. 

More than Hacking! Secrets from Women in Cybersecurity.


Presenter: Becky McCully, TEALS Program, Melinda Dade CISO at TEA, Nikki Hendricks, UT EPIC

Topics: Cybersecurity

Session Description: Bust your own bias first! Don't believe the stereotypes that you have to have a certain personality type or gender to enjoy a fun, successful career in cybersecurity. Hear from women in security careers and learn about the high school Cybersecurity courses now available in Texas. 

NCWIT AiC panel

Presenter : Catherine Tabor, Northwest ECHS

Topics: Scholarships

Session Description: We will be hosting a panel consisting of NCWIT winners. The panel will answer questions about the NCWIT Aspirations in computing and the AspireIT program that our school has run for a number of years, Chica Code Camp.

Summer Academies at Texas Computer Science


Presenter: Mary Esther Middleton, The University of Texas at Austin, Texas Computer Science Summer Academies

Topics: Preparing for College (Scholarships, Summer Programs, etc)

Session Description: Talk about the Texas Computer Science Summer Academies: how they're run, watching participants go from attending and building friendships, to working as advisors, to coming to UT(!), and going on to being a grad student and/or to professional careers.

SWE's Declassified College Survival Guide

Presenter: Gabrielle Duncan, SWE UTD

Topics: Preparing for College (Scholarships, Summer Programs, etc), College Life (Internships, Student Panels, etc), Career Advice (Interview Prep, A Day in the Life, etc)

Session Description: From the perspective for a college freshman, junior, and senior, SWE UTD speakers will provide advice and insider information regarding college and scholarship applications, extra curricular activities, leadership and volunteering, online school, and job hunting/internships.

What it's like for the Humans behind Advances in Artificial Intelligence


Presenter: Ting Xiao, Thasina Tabashum, Sahar Behpour, Namratha Urs, Mark Albert (moderator) - UNT Computer Science and Engineering

Topics: Artificial Intelligence, College Life, Career Advice

Session Description: This could have been titled "a rehabilitation researcher, particle physicist, computational neuroscientist, and data scientist walk into a bar...". Come join an enlightening conversation between PhD students and faculty engaging in AI research in a variety of applications and from a variety of backgrounds. What's cool about what they do? What did they do to get there? What advice do they have for anyone wanting to follow? This will be a mix of conversation, Q&A, and some fun/nerdy quiz questions to prompt the panel to chat about the AI tools and techniques they use, and how you could use them too. We're not sure if you'll walk away more inspired, informed, or amused - with any luck, all three!